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St Louis Blues Aebersold Vol 100

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After much debate, it seemed only fitting that Volume 100 should celebrate the music of the great innovators who started it all. Recorded in an authentic style, there is a purity to these songs that is refreshing to the ear and makes them fun to play, and a 'bounce' that is seldom heard in today's modern styles. You'll love it! Special Stereo Separation on the CD has the Piano, Bass, and Drums on the right channel and Banjo, Bass, and Drums on the left. This allows anyone with a balance control on their stereo the option of eliminating either the piano or banjo from the recording simply by turning one track off - great for pianists and guitarists who want to 'sit in' as well as for horn players who want to 'mix-up' the rhythm section now and then. Includes: After You've Gone; Alexander's Ragtime Band; Bill Bailey; Chicago; Darktown Strutter's Ball; Indiana; Limehouse Blues; Margie; Sugar Blues; Royal Garden Blues; Saint James Infirmary; St. Louis Blues; That's A Plenty; The Sheik Of Araby; Tiger Rag; Way Down Under In New Orleans; When The Saints

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