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Spyder trumpet stand

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This little 6-leg stand is made of a black nylon plastic with some rubber-like accents for protection and stability. These soft materials assure that the stand will not mar or scratch your instrument.  Two versions are available: trumpet or flugelhorn.  They are identical except for the size of the top cap.  The flugelhorn cap is larger of course.  For piccolo trumpet use, simply remove the top cap from either version and you are good to go.  The cap should pull right off with little effort.  (Don't lose it!)

Assembly is easy if you know the trick:  Hold the stand by the center shaft and twist the shaft clockwise. It's backwards from everything you know.  This twist to the right lowers the bottom of the base to free the legs.  Fold the legs down and then tighten the center shaft again by turning anti-clockwise.  To disassemble, simply repeat the steps: twist to the right to loosen, fold the legs, twist to the left to tighten.