Shires Alto Trombone

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VAT Included

The S.E. Shires Alto Trombone features either a .485" bore, or .485"-.495" dual bore slide and a 7 inch bell available in a full range of options and alloys. The bell taper is designed for a true and flexible alto voice, with both focused clarity for the most delicate repertoire and enough breadth of sound for a large orchestra.

A unique feature of the Shires Alto Trombone is the tuning mechanism incorporated into the handslide. The fixed bell section maintains a continuous taper, which preserves familiar relationships between the partials. The tuning mechanism in the handslide is secure and easy to use, without adding a great deal of weight. Also, particular attention has been given to the length of the handslide, to allow full use of all seven positions.

Please note that this product is supplied 'instrument only', and does not include a case or mouthpiece.