Schilke E3L4 Eb Tuning Bell Trumpet outfit with Beryllium Bells (with case, mouthpiece and care kit)

Sale price£4,895.00

VAT Included

E3L-4 – Four Valve Eb Tuning Bell Trumpet with Beryllium Bell

  • M Bore – (.450”/11.42mm)
  • ML Bell – (4.5”/114.30mm) Yellow Brass Tuning Bell with #4 Taper in Eb

Built in Eb only, this model possesses a dark, full-bodied sound that blends well with other winds and has superior projection.  Extremely versatile, this Eb is ideal for large ensemble and symphonic performance.  The additional fourth valve adds a lower fourth to the trumpet’s range.  The Beryllium Bell gives the instrument a quicker response and improved projection. Please note that this instrument is supplied without a case.

This instrument is available with optional D bell and slides - please see the separate product listing.