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Schilke Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece Iles Model

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We are very excited to announce the newest mouthpiece to our Schilke Signature Series lineup. Designed with close collaboration of the incredible Alex Iles, his signature "Alex Iles" model is now available for order through your preferred Schilke dealer. The "Alex Iles" model is available in a small shank configuration and features a medium-shallow cup depth, with cup diameter in-between the classic Schilke 47 and 50 models.

While you are at it, head over to Greenhoe Trombones to check out the GC2 Series small bore trombones in which Alex played a crucial role in its development!

Trombonist Alex Iles enjoys  a varied  and  successful career  in  diverse musical  settings  as an  active  member of the  musically  rich Southern  California  freelance performing  and  recording community. Alex  began  his musical  career  while he was attending  UCLA as a member  of  the Disneyland  All  American College  Band. His  trombone studies were with  Roy Main,  Ralph  Sauer, Byron  Peebles  and Per  Brevig.

Since graduating, he  has  gone on  to  establish himself  as a “first call”  trombonist/low brass  performer , recording  artist and  educator.