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NEW Bach 190S37 Standard series Bb trumpet outfit

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Bach have taken the most iconic features from our best vintages, including our Mount Vernon style bell construction, NY style cast nickel Z braces, and adding a modern and consistently precise leadpipe. Ultimately, our 19037 series creates the most even sound, fastest response, and focused sound at every dynamic level.

Bach’s Research & Development team examined the most famous horns in Bach’s history to identify the optimal weight, construction, material, and assembly of Bach’s valve cluster. As a result of our efforts, we have produced a newly designed valve cluster delivering a faster response and a more vibrant sound. Nothing beats the sound of Bach.

The 190S37 is built on an ML .459" two-piece valve chassis with nickel balusters, nickel outer slides, and brass valve guides. The Mt. Vernon weight, side-seam #37 bell with a round steel wire bell bead is paired with the classic #25 pipe for what can easily be considered the classic definition of “the Bach sound.” The wide wrap nickel Z braces, a new design, and 1st slide brace give this 37 a rich, vibrant sound that is broad, brilliant, and agile. The updated #25 leadpipe has improved intonation and response. The result is a 37 that is truly a master of all trades.


  • Standard weight two-piece valve block with nickel balusters, nickel outer slides, nickel top, and bottom caps
  • One-piece, side seam, Mt. Vernon weight #37 bell with a steel wire, round bell bead in yellow brass
  • Wide wrap with new nickel Z braces
  • #25 leadpipe – the “perfect match” for the #37 bell according to Vincent Bach and now featuring improved receiver design and construction techniques for improved efficiency, response, and intonation
  • .459" medium-large bore
  • New nickel finger hook design inspired by New York, Mt. Vernon and Elkhart eras
  • 1st slide brace
  • 3rd slide stop rod
  • Laser engraved bell
  • Silver-plate finish