Monette UNITY RETRO trumpet mouthpiece

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VAT Included

Size: B6-7

The new Unity Retro design from Monette allows the player to more easily control the standard intonation inconsistencies that are often built-in to production instruments. This includes the constricted and flat upper register, the flat D, Eb and E of the 5th partial, and the sharp G at the top of the staff. 

Like all Unity Mouthpieces, these new “Retro” models have a much larger sweet spot on every note, and provide more brilliance, clarity and overtones. The feel and sound in every register and at every dynamic level is much more consistent than is possible with conventional lightweight mouthpieces. Our original standard-weight Unity mouthpieces are also designed for non-Monette instruments, but for players who prefer a more locked-in feel, and a thicker, more concentrated sound