Hoyer F/Bb Double Horn Outfit gold brass

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The new K10 F/Bb-Double horn is the newest innovation for the orchestra:
It was designed in close cooperation with Markus Wittgens. A well-orchestrated middle range, a great low register and an unknown ease in the higher area is obtained with a light rotary valve set, a full flow switch valve and an individually adjustable mouthpiece receiver. A pleasant well-balanced set-up, supported by both a fully adjustable fingerhook and thumblever plus flipper guarantees perfect ergonomics.

Every K10 has a detachable bell and is delivered in an original MB case.

- Hans Hoyer F/Bb-Double Horn [Markus Wittgens]
- 4 rotary valves
- 11,9mm / 0.468" bore
- 3B™ linkage system
- 310mm / 12.204" Gold Brass bell
- detachable (ML) bell
- full flow switch valve
- individually adjustable mouthpiece receiver
- three-dimensional adjustable fingerhook, thumblever and flipper
- gold brass
- clear lacquered (K10A-L)