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Brass Essentials: A Practice Companion by Paul Cosh

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Brass Essentials: A Practice Companion helps you organise your daily practice by setting out a regular routine.

The book is laid out in a clear and precise way beginning with several pages of Warm ups before moving on to Scales & Arpeggios. When the embouchure is relaxed and working well a comprehensive Technical section helps develop and maintain a solid technique; this includes Flexibility, Articulation, Finger Exercises, Range Expanding and Stamina.

There are brief but informative notes heading each section to guide you through your practice, together with suggestions on how much time to spend on each element. Whether you are an aspiring young brass player, a dedicated amateur, conservatoire student or professional this book is be a valuable tool so that you can focus on every aspect of your playing.

The Practice Companion can also work in conjunction with the Arban Companion to vary your practice diet.