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One Hour a Day - Urbie Green

Urbie Green's One Hour a Day - A Technique and Embouchure Maintenance method - is an "enhanced" warm-up book starting out with long tones in the middle-to-low registers, then adds lip slurs, then arpeggios and tonguing excercises. Everything is "timed"...metronome markings are provided along with mandatory 1-minute rests at the bottoms of the pages. If you follow those instructions the whole book indeed takes one hour to play through. The range of the excercises goes from low E-flat :bassclef: :lowerledger1: to high F :trebleclef: :line5: , and each excercise is presented in all twelve keys. Some also include minor, diminished and minor/major 7th. The book is 22.5cm x 17.5cm and is spiral bound, so it fits in your case! The cover, naturally is green... :grin: Urbie says, in the preface, that the book is designed to be an accurate transcription of his daily routine. It's a "maintenance" method: If you're "out of shape" this little book will completely wipe you out.

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One Hour a Day - Urbie Green

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