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Amati AFH601 Flugelhorn (Pre-owned)Amati AFH601 Flugelhorn (Pre-owned)
Anborg Single F Horn (Pre-owned)Anborg Single F Horn (Pre-owned)
B&M Champion Bb Baritone (Pre-owned)B&M Champion Bb Baritone (Pre-owned)
Bach Mercedes Bb Trumpet (Pre-owned)Bach Mercedes Bb Trumpet (Pre-owned)
Bach Stradivarius 180ML37 Bb Trumpet (Pre-owned)Bach Stradivarius 180ML37 Bb Trumpet (Pre-owned)
Bach Stradivarius LTS180ML37 Bb Trumpet (Pre-owned)Bach Stradivarius LTS180ML37 Bb Trumpet (Pre-owned)
Calicchio 1S7 Bb Trumpet (Pre-owned)Calicchio 1S7 Bb Trumpet (Pre-owned)
Conn 28D Double Horn
Conn 28D Double Horn Sale price$3,223.00
Conn 62HI Bass Trombone (Pre-owned)Conn 62HI Bass Trombone (Pre-owned)
Sold out
Conn 88H Bb/F Tenor Trombone (Pre-owned)Conn 88H Bb/F Tenor Trombone (Pre-owned)
Donor/Abhor Bb/F Compensating French Horn Pre-owned)
Save $258.00
Geneva Symphony Eb Tenor Horn (Pre-owned)Geneva Symphony Eb Tenor Horn (Pre-owned)
Geneva Symphony Eb Tenor Horn (Pre-owned) Sale price$1,415.00 Regular price$1,673.00
Holton 180 Bass Trombone (Pre-owned)Holton 180 Bass Trombone (Pre-owned)
Imperial EEb 4 Valve Tuba with 15" Bell (Pre-owned)Imperial EEb 4 Valve Tuba with 15" Bell (Pre-owned)
Kanstul 'The Burbank' C Trumpet (Pre-owned)Kanstul 'The Burbank' C Trumpet (Pre-owned)
Kanstul 1500A Bb Trumpet in Silver Plate (Pre-owned)