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Yamaha News Articles

Here we'll keep you in touch with whats happening in the developing world of Yamaha. Information about new products, what their artists are doing to promote products and special events we are involved in to enhance your experience.


Introducing the YTR2330

YTR-2330 The two-piece bell of the YTR-2330 is crafted using state-of-the-art production methods, delivering a consistent, vibrant tone. The balanced weight and addition of an adjustable third valve trigger allows for a natural hand position and promotes proper playing technique, while the water...

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Wayne Bergeron - the sound of Hollywood

If you’re a movie fan, the chances are that Wayne Bergeron has featured on the music to one of your favourite films, having played his trumpet on more than 350 TV and motion picture soundtracks. It’s even more likely that we don’t need to give Wayne any further introduction. Notable for his astonishing ability in the upper register of the trumpet, Wayne Bergeron is one of the most sought-after musicians in the world. Studio sessions, film recordings, international touring, jazz gigs, guest appearances, and clinics keep him busy...

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