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Holton 180 Bass Trombone (Pre-owned)

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VAT Included

Nice condition Holton 180 Bass Trombone dating from the early 1980's.  Signs of wear to the lacquer, but overall in great playing condition.  Has 10" rose brass bell and lightweight nickel silver handslide. Sold in Protec hard case.  S/N 566149

The valve configuration is rotor dependent Bb/F/E tuning. Simply put, the first valve is like an F trigger on a tenor.  The second valve only functions when the first valve is in and the not produced in first position is a flat E (Not D or Eb, but a flat E).  The purpose of the second valve on this model is to allow the player to play a low B in 7th position identical to the B one octave above it as played on a tenor in 7th position without any valve.  A low C can then be played with both valves in, with a slightly raised 6th position.  This is a very simple and intuitive approach to bass trombone, ideal for a tenor doubler.  (0207 2943)