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Yamaha Custom 'New York' Bb trumpet MK1 clearance special


Yamaha consulted with Robert Sullivan to develop the YTR-9335NYS trumpet. Sullivan was, at the time of development, assistant principal in the New York Philharmonic.

The most important element in this project was tone. Several features make this possibly the best sounding orchestral trumpet in Yamaha's line. The bell features a gradual taper in the thickness of the walls, thinning out towards the bell flare. Top and bottom caps are reshaped and the stems redesigned to improve flexibility. The 3rd slide stopper has been moved to make it possible to play down to low F and the lead-pipes are based on a Bob Malone design, MB2. This helps intonation and allows the notes to just slot in.


YTR9335NYS 9335NY YTR-9335 YTR9335 YTR-9335NYS

  • Medium Large bore
  • One piece yellow brass bell 
  • Bob Malone Leadpipe
  • Monel alloy piston valves

RRP: £3348.00

£ 2500.00


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