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Warburton Trombone Mouthpiece


Warburton are pleased to announce that due to so many people wanting a high quality one-piece trombone mouthpiece in sizes that they are familiar with, they have designed a complete line of one- piece trombone mouthpieces. While the numbering system is familiar, (using Bach nomenclature), each model has been designed to eliminate problems that have come to light over the years. They have made the rims more comfortable, and the throat sizes are balanced to the cups. The backbores are maximised for tone production and projection.

Model ID Bore ID Cup Detail
1G 1.62 0.295 1.09 Deep Extra-Large, Schilke 60
1 1/2 G 1.6 0.295 1.08 Deep For many years, the standard mouthpiece for the serious bass trombone player.
2G 1.58 0.295 1.06 Deep Narrower ID than the 1 1/2G. Full resonant sound in all registers
3G 1.56 0.281 1.03 Deep Narrower than 2G with a deep bass trombone cup, throat, and backbore. Schilke 57
4G 1.56 0.281 1.022 Deep A versatile, large-diameter mouthpiece. Schilke 56, Wick 3
4GD 1.56 0.281 1.022 Extra-Deep Like 4G with an extra deep cup. .281 bore.
4GS 1.56 0.277 1.022 Medium-shallow Shallower cup with smaller bore than 4G. Produces slightly brighter sound. .277 bore.
5G 1.545 0.277 1.008 Medium-deep Favourite for symphonic trombone. Schilke 51, Wick 4

Signature Models

Gail Robertson

Inside diameter compares to Bach 3G
Outside Diameter - 1.560"
Cup - deep
Bore size - .290" (L)
Made of bronze

"Finally, I have found someone that would create a euphonium mouthpiece like no other! The Warburton/Robertson mouthpiece projects and responds at any dynamic level and it is very powerful. No matter how loud or soft you have to play, it gives you confidence and clarity in all ranges of the instrument. I use it in all types of playing; as a soloist, in chamber ensembles, British Brass Bands, Orchestral work, and for all my jazz stuff. It is the only mouthpiece on the market that is made of Bronze and it is on FIRE!"  Gail Robertson

Scott Whitfield

Inside Diameter - .980"
Outside Diameter - 1.510"
Cup Style - Medium Bowl
Bore size is .250" (size E)
"My new signature model Warburton mouthpiece is the perfect balance of openness and focus. It gives me the consistent response I desire, along with maximum comfort."  Scott Whitfield

Richard Stout 5

Inside Diameter - compares to Bach 4G
Outside Diameter - 1.545"
Rim Contour - comfortable
Cup - deep
Bore size is .290" (L)
"The Warburton RS5 is the result of literally years of design and testing. It is a great all-around mouthpiece for the modern tenor trombone player. The generous yet not oversized rim allows a fullness of tone, while a standard sized cup depth and throat provide great clarity. I know of no other mouthpiece that gets the response in articulation of this with such a full and even tone from pedal F to high F. It is a terrific piece for solo playing and lead orchestral playing, yet has enough body of tone that I use it on second trombone parts on a daily basis." Rick Stout
Frank Rosolino 1

Inside diameter - small:
compares to a Bach 15.
Cup - Shallow "V" style
Bore - .250" (E)
Very free-blowing for a small mouthpiece.
The Rosolino piece has proven very popular but there were a few players who could not function with the small diameter of the original, so we made several with larger inside diameters and the guys loved them. These larger diameter models are the Rosolino #2 (12C diameter ) and the Rosolino #3 (11C diameter).
About 3 months before Frank's untimely death in 1978, he and Terry Warburton had worked all day in Terry's shop in Toronto, Canada - working on a mouthpiece design that would outperform the one Frank had played on for 22 years. While it was not easy to do, they were successful. 
Frank Rosolino 2

Model #2 inside diameter similar to Bach 12
Frank gave the original mouthpiece to Terry as a souvenir, and it stayed on Terry's desk until it was nearly lost in the Warburton factory fire in 2005. After the fire, while trying to recover anything possible from the ashes, Terry found the piece buried under where his desk had been. 


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