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SE Shires Custom Bb Trumpet


All S. E. Shires trumpets feature a one piece, hand hammered bell with a traditionally brazed seam, hand-lapped Monel pistons, and of course the careful assembly and handcrafted methods that the S. E. Shires Company proudly embodies with its slogan: Quality without compromise.

In a similar manner to their world-renowned trombones, Shires trumpets are available with a large variety of options in bells, leadpipes, tuning slides, and weights. For the very best response and projection, Shires trumpets are built in a fixed construction rather than the modular style utilized for the trombones. The standard combinations described here are available in regular production— other combinations are available by special order or consultation. Standard models include the leadpipe and tuning slide options determined to be the best fit for the body and bell type and standard mother-of-pearl inlay finger buttons. These instruments are supplied in silver plate, 'Instrument Only, so without a case or mouthpiece.  Details of the options we stock are shown below - if you are interested in further custom options, please get in touch with us by emailing sales@philparker.co.uk

Model A
• .459 bore standard weight valve cluster
• “A” bell flare, yellow brass — beautiful, compact sound, extremely even response, projects effortlessly
• "WH" leadpipe — heavy weight, open & free blowing taper, .347 venturi

The Model A has become most popular S.E. Shires B-flat trumpet model. It produces a brilliant, singing tone with marvellous projection and easy, centered response in all registers. This trumpet makes a great choice as an all-around instrument for performance in a wide variety of musical settings. 

Model AHW
• .459 bore standard weight valve cluster with second tuning slide brace
• “A” bell flare, heavyweight yellow brass — very solid feel, remarkable control in loud dynamics without sacrificing vivid tone color
• "WH" leadpipe — heavy weight, open & free blowing taper, .347 venturi

The Model A with a slightly heavier-weight bell. Similar in character to the A, the AHW heats up just a little less readily, making it ideal for players who favor strong dynamics, perform mostly in large ensembles, or who simply prefer a slightly denser sound. 

Model B
• .459 bore standard weight valve cluster
• “B” bell flare, one-piece yellow brass — warm and open
• "WH" leadpipe — heavy weight, open & free blowing taper, .347 venturi

The Model B produces a broad, warm tone—coupled with the agile articulation that you would expect from an S.E. Shires trumpet. A slightly broader taper (as compared to "A" bell flare) gives the sound of this trumpet a unique blend of breadth, warmth, and brilliance. 

Model BLW
• .459 bore lightweight valve cluster 
• “B” bell flare, one-piece lightweight yellow brass — very bold and brilliant
• "W" leadpipe, open & free blowing taper, .347 venturi

A lightweight version of the "B" bell flare allows for even faster response and more openness in the high register. Brilliant and nimble, this trumpet navigates technical passages with easy flexibility. It sounds intimate and warm when played softly, but projects easily to the back of any performance space.

Model CLW
• .459 bore lightweight valve cluster 
• “C” bell flare, one-piece lightweight yellow brass, French bead — extremely responsive, broad, and resonant with a wide range of color and dynamic
• "Z" leadpipe, more focus for optimal projection, .345 venturi

The Model CLW combines vintage "Pre-War” sound, modern centering and intonation, and the zip of a lightweight bell. The broadest bell taper helps it to produce a wide variety of tone colors easily—from diffuse and smoky—especially at low dynamics—to clear and brilliant. It also opens up particularly well in the high register. The lightweight front end provides for remarkably easy response. 

Please note that SE Shires instruments will sometimes take a period of time for delivery, given their popularity and production rate as a custom, professional instrument. If you are concerned, please call 0207 383 5300 to check exact current stock.


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