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Ian Bousfield Trombone mouthpiece


Ian Bousfield Trombone mouthpiece range


  • Ian: “This is the mouthpiece of choice for me when programs dictate that I am performing in the toughest of solo environments where extreme register changes and endurance are required without loss off brilliance in the high register and speed and clarity of articulation.”
  • A wholly new concept of mouthpiece proportions and mass distribution has been developed for this mouthpiece and it is unique in all proportions.
  • Features the unique “Flexible Tone Adjustment Rings”
"This is the mouthpiece I use most of the time. Forget whatever you knew about mouthpieces up to this point and give this a try. It's a completely new way of thinking about proportions, and it works. I'm not going to go into any sizes; just to say that the volume of air in the mouthpiece is quite standard, the distribution of which, however, is not. This mouthpiece will play everything from the most delicate of French repertoire and the speed and clarity of Arthur Pryor, all the way through to the power required for Mahler 3. If I had to pick one mouthpiece for the rest of my life, this would be it. It's also proving to be a hit with many top orchestral players.”
Ian Bousfield


  • Ian: ”I have never found a 4 sized mouthpiece that really works for me, especially for solo and testing high register work. I believe that this S4 brings a new and exciting flavor in 4 sized mouthpieces both in terms of comfort and ultimate playability”
  • Allows works with even the most demanding of tessitura to be addressed in confidence.
  • Alongside pitch, speed and clarity of articulation has been a key driver within the design whilst returning to the original sound and timbre characteristics of the trombone.
  • Features the unique “Flexible Tone Adjustment Rings”
”I'm delighted with how this mouthpiece has turned out. For those who want a little more room in the rim but don't want the difficulties normally associated with clarity, speed, endurance and high register, this is the one for you. Definitely suitable for playing in brass bands or first trombone in an orchestra, as well as powerful solo playing.”
Ian Bousfield


  • For soloists and first trombone players who demand the ultimate in high register access and brilliant timbre in a familiar 5 sized rim diameter.
  • Speed and clarity of articulation has been a key drivers within the design whilst returning to the original sound and timbre characteristics of the trombone.
  • Despite the unprecedented access in the upper register lower pitches are still full sounding and accessible.
  • The access to higher register and clarity of articulation also makes this an ideal stepping stone from medium bore to large bore trombone for both learners stepping up into the world of large bore playing and for those who play on both sizes of trombone.
  • Features the unique “Flexible Tone Adjustment Rings”
"This mouthpiece is perhaps most notable for its clarity and purity of sound, and if you really want a turbo boost in the high register, this one is for you. I use it for playing Arthur Pryor and long recitals."
Ian Bousfield


Flexible tone adjustment rings.

  • Use the provided rings by rolling up the shank of the mouthpiece and seating them in one or both of the ribs on the outside of the throat.
  • The rings work by dampening and holding the mouthpiece in a carefully chosen position.
  • This positioning alters key ways in which the mouthpiece responds and the choice of ring position can be used to tune your mouthpiece to your needs, be they technical or musical.
  • In general:
    • No rings used; the least resistance created and the mouthpiece is it’s most free blowing, the sound is malleable and easy for the player to colour.
    • Both rings used; the mouthpiece has a very focused and centered nature with a full sound built around a strong core.
  • Experiment to find your own personal combination.

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