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Besson Sovereign BE984-2 EEb Tuba


The new BE984 model is a four valve front action compensated tuba. Its playing position is the same as the orchestral tuba and enables the musician to play together with the trombone players in one section. After years of research and development, the new 984 model is the first to combine the historic warm and deep sound of the Eb tuba with the centred and focused precision of the F tuba. To achieve this, the BE984 tuba is designed with a new receiver, a new leadpipe, a smaller and lighter bell, a new valve block position, new stays and more. This tuba is the first in its series to have a trigger on the 1st valve. The BE984 model is a completely new model which Besson is proud to add to its Sovereign range.

*  Key: Eb
*  Ø bore: .681" ( 17,30 mm )
*  Bell: hand-made in yellow brass
*  Ø bell:  15" ( 381 mm )
*  Weight:  18lb ( 8 200 g )
*  Valves:  4 compensating valves ( 3+1 )
*  Waterkeys:  4
*  Finish:  bright silverplate
*  Case: Supplied in hard case with plush lining and mouthpiece 

£ 9044.18

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