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Yamaha YTR8335LA02 Wayne Bergeron 2021 model Bb Trumpet outfit



Wayne Bergeron joined the Yamaha development team for initial development of theYTR-8335LA(S) Custom model in 2006, which has now reached the next level. This latest version features some major technological updates to improve blowability and performance.  Wayne continues to enjoy a career as one of the most sought-after musicians in the world.Studio sessions, film dates, international touring, jazz concerts, and clinics keep himbusy. His trumpet solos can be heard in some of the most famous motion picturessuch as LaLaLand, Rocky Balboa, The Incredibles, Minions, and many more. Besidethat he is holding the Lead Trumpet chair with Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band. For this wide range of genres the new LA model offers the most efficient playability,rich harmonics and versatile tonality with outstanding projection

YTR8335LA 8335LA YTR-8335LA 8335 YTR8335LA02 8335LA02 YTR-8335LA02



•Wayne BergeronSignatureModel

•New designv two-piece valve casing

•Use of phospor bronze parts heavybottom cap

•Xeno Artist Model waterkey

RRP: £3292.80

£ 2445.00


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