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Buying musical goods after brexit

With all the doom and gloom about trade after Brexit it's good to know that here at Phil Parker Ltd we have years of experience importing and exporting musical instruments. Although there are some new conditions to navigate we are confident that we will continue to be able to bring you the widest selection  of brass instruments in the UK - and we will be able to get them to you with the least fuss wherever you are in the world.

Lets just look at a few examples that might affect you.

1. I am a UK Citizen living in the UK but want to buy a trumpet that is made in an EU Country. Can I buy one through Phil Parker Ltd?

The simple answer to this is Yes - nothing has really changed for you. We have imported, and will continue to import, many instruments that are manufactured in the EU. Brands such as Besson, B&S and Schagerl are all made in Europe.

2. I am an EU Citizen living in the EU - can I buy anything from Phil Parker Ltd?

Again the answer is yes. You will be able to buy any product in free circulation from Phil Parker Ltd. You will not be charged any UK sales tax (VAT) by Phil Parker Ltd, but you will have to pay EU taxes and fees to the courier company prior to delivery. We will provide all necessary paperwork for the couriers to clear the items through to you. Due to the agreement reached between UK/EU the purchase will be tariff free which means there will be no duties payable on goods made in the UK or EU, there may be for products made elsewhere.  Although we can't influence these charges and cannot predict the amount, you can get a rough idea using this tool.

3. I am a UK Citizen thinking of buying a goods from an EU dealer. Can I do this?

Well obviously this is a bad dream and will never happen - why would you want to buy from anywhere other than Phil Parker Ltd? But on a more serious note, if you are tempted by something you've accidentally stumbled across on a competitors web site be aware that the extremely cheap prices you will see do not include any taxes and you will be liable for import duties/taxes and clearance fees prior to delivery. This is likely to add about 25% to your invoiced cost. When you buy from Phil Parker Ltd the price you see is the price you pay - no hidden extras! 

4. I am a citizen of the world living somewhere other than the UK or the EU.

Nothing has really changed for you and Phil Parker Ltd are still happy to supply you at very competetive prices. If you want to know approximately how much your import charges will be you can use this tool.


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