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Instrument Hire

Hire an instrument

Hiring a musical instrument is a perfect solution to the common problem of not knowing if the potential musician will 'stick at it' long enough to warrant buying an instrument. By hiring an instrument you can assess over the first few months whether the pupil will continue to play on a long term basis without taking the risk of a full purchase. Our figures show that over 95% of students who initially hire do go on to continue their instrument long term and as such buy outright. Phil Parker Ltd offer 2 unique 'cash back' schemes to make hiring or purchasing an instrument a perfect non risk solution whether they do or not.

How it works:

Payments are made every 3 months.
The minimum hire term is 3 months.
After the initial 3 month period, there is an option to buy. 50% of any hire payments made can be redeemed against the purchase of the instrument. If you hired a new instrument, you can retain this instrument or if you received an ex hire instrument this may be swapped for a new instrument should you wish.
You can redeem 50% of your rental payments against any upgraded instrument to that originally hired.
The maximum discount available is 50% of 6 months hire payments.
To hire an instrument please contact us. Details of school attended, instrument teacher/employer are required along with names, addresses, email and telephone contact. 
Most instruments we hire out are new and fully serviced but occasionally you may be offered one that is has been hired previously.


Hire prices:

Cornet £15.00 per month 

Trumpet £15.00 per month

Trombone £25.00 per month

Tenor Horn £25.00 per month

French horn from £25.00 per month


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